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Hyatt Place Las Vegas

About Us

The city with many names is ready to welcome yours. Our Hyatt Place Las Vegas would like to extend an invite to one of the most fun-filled, memory-making places on Earth. On our property, guests get the glitz without the pomp. A typical night near The Strip could spell disaster for your sleep schedule, but our hotel isn’t typical. We are one mile from the Gambling Capital of the World, and we keep the slots, smoke and noise there so families and other low-key travelers can escape to their own private sanctuary after a hard night on the town.

Attractions that Can’t Compare Anywhere Else

In Sin City, there’s little left to the imagination. From casinos to concerts and shopping to golf courses, The Strip offers activities left and right with no end in sight. Every year the skyline changes its shape to accommodate for a new piece of cutting-edge architecture, and every year Hollywood produces a film that tries to capture the essence of the City of Lights. With a reputation this big, the only true way to enjoy the city is through firsthand experience. Allow us to act as your reliable outpost only one mile away.